Tangled Twists Tie Back Hairstyle

This fun half-up hairstyle is a variation of a style we posted last week, the "zig zag woven braid."  And although this hairstyle turned out...

Umbrella Lace Hairstyle Tutorial

This week we have combined a pompadour, some regular braids, and a unique knotting technique to create this cute half-up hairstyle and design, which...

Melting Braid Tutorial and Cute Hairstyle Ideas

This week's hair tutorial is a fun and unique braid which we are calling the "melting braid," as it looks like the bottom strand...

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14 hairstyles which can be done in three minutes

No time to think up a new hairstyle, but sick of wearing your hair loose all the time? Then these lifehacks are what you need. We at BrightSide.me are willing to bet that...

Amazing hairstyles by Princess Hairstyles

Braided 4 Strand Slide Up Accent Hairstyle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhvNT-wj90w     The Melting Braid Tutorial & 2 Cute Hairstyles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_5OEtrEL3s

The Best Hair Wrapped Ponytail, Easy Hairstyle Tutorial


Elastic Christmas Tree Hairstyle & Bun


Hair color transformation by Mouniiiir #5


Interlocking Floating Bubble Braid Hairstyle, Princess Hairstyles