How To Choose The Perfect Haircut For Your Face Shape

After having received many haircuts over the years, you probably intuitively understand that your haircut can look great on you or look less than stellar. Experts say that while the quality and shape of your haircut is important, your face shape also has a lot of importance in whether the haircut actually suits you.

Before getting a haircut it’s a good idea to first determine your face shape and then decide on the type of cut you want. There are four basic face shapes, but having a particular face shape doesn’t mean you’re limited to the type of haircut that is flattering for you. #1. If your face is round, it might be a good idea to get a cut that will create an illusion of length in your face. Try to avoid cutting your hair at the same length as your cheekbones or just below your ears.


For a round face, long hair automatically gives the illusion of length in your face. Try a middle or deep side part or side fringe to make your face look longer.

Try a long hair length with asymmetrical layers that strategically stop at various points around your face, like your cheekbones and chin. This will have the effect of visually reducing the roundness of your face.


Some people may prefer a shorter cut and there are great shorter cuts that can make a rounder face appear longer.

For example, you may want to try a medium-length cut that rests at your shoulders with some layers under your chin.


2. An oval face is considered by many to be the most versatile in terms of haircuts that are flattering. Here are just a few examples that you may want to consider for your oval-shaped face. Try straight bangs, which help create an ideal outline for your face. This is especially recommended if you’re wearing your hair straight.


Another great cut that is very flattering for an oval-shaped face is a long wavy hairstyle. It’s especially great for hair length that sits below the shoulders. Beachy waves are easy to make and manage and they’re also fashionable so they may be a great choice.

You can try a mid-part, a side part or side swept-bangs with your long wavy hairstyle.


A short hair-cut is also suitable for an oval face. Any length above the shoulders with soft layers is likely to be very flattering and a great choice for the summer too. Soft layers frame your face and emphasize certain features.


3. A square shaped face is full of interesting angles and definition, but at times you may want to soften some angles such as your strong jawline and highlight your other features. You can try an angled bob that has an A-shaped appearance and the longest point may rest at your chin.

This look has a tendency to lengthen your neck and face and your can wear it with waves or straight.


A straight cut with bangs will also have the tendency to highlight your great bone structure. It’s a very classic and e
legant look.
4. If you have a heart shaped face, your face may be a little broader on top and pointier on the bottom. You may want to consider getting a haircut that tends to soften the area around your chin.
It may be an idea to draw a little attention away from your chin and instead emphasize your eyes and cheebones. You can do this with luminous waves with extra volume in your hair.
A pixie-cut always looks beautiful on a heart shaped face. This is a great cut for finer hair and if you tend to prefer not to spend too much time on styling.
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