Transgender woman shares graphic videos of her facial feminisation surgery

“For myself, waking up and looking in the mirror is like pressing reset on your favourite game every day”

Stef Sanjati is a successful YouTuber with nearly 400,000 followers. Like many of her peers, the 20-year-old Canadian shares beauty tips and details of her life in her videos, but unlike the vast majority of beauty bloggers, Sanjati is transgender and is documenting her transition from man to woman.

Recently, Sanjati underwent facial feminisation surgery (FFS) and has shared videos before and after.

She has been taking oestrogen for a year but facial feminisation is a big step in her transition.

Sanjati travelled to Boston for the procedure, which costs more than CAD $45,000 (£27,200).

It entails a combination of plastic surgery procedures designed to make male facial features more feminine. The operation usually take between four and six hours.

Sanjati explained her desire for surgery on her GoFundMe page: “For myself, waking up and looking in the mirror is like pressing reset on your favourite game every day. Losing all progress, going backwards, never reaching your potential. It’s incredibly frustrating, not seeing what you see in your head in the mirror.

“I don’t think I have uploaded an untouched photograph since before I started my transition – I nip and tuck at my face, reducing my jaw here, enlarging my cheek here… all with the goal of looking more like what we perceive as feminine.”

Every day for years, Sanjati has spent up to five hours applying makeup in her quest to make her face more feminine.

The young woman from Toronto is an undeniably skilled makeup artist and has built up a huge number of people following her journey.

Sanjati has been fundraising for her cause on GoFundMe and has received donations from over 1,750 people to hit her $32,000 goal.

In her latest video, she reveals she feels grateful and is happy with the results of the FFS, despite finding it difficult to express herself.